R.A.T. Software Support

We at Mad Catz Global continue to be asked for software and firmware relating to older Mad Catz products, and in particular for the range of R.A.T. mice.

Mad Catz Global care deeply about our loyal customers and want to do everything we can to support the gaming community.

Please note that Mad Catz is under new ownership (Mad Catz Global) and we are not responsible for older Mad Catz products manufactured by ‘Mad Catz, Interactive Inc’. We’re working on a fresh range of new and exciting gaming products, including a host of all-new R.A.T. Mice. Below, we’re pleased to share a picture of our new packaging for the mice which are expected to start shipping later in 2018.

Look out for the new packaging and new R.A.T. Mice due to hit stores soon. We will be offering full and regular support for new Mad Catz products, manufactured to the highest standards by ourselves, Mad Catz Global. If you own a R.A.T. mouse purchased under the older Mad Catz management, we understand the frustration of not being able to locate drivers and software, and therefore we wanted to do the right thing and make all software that we have available to us free for you to download at our DOWNLOAD.

Please note that this software was not developed by us, nor did we manufacture any of the older style R.A.T. Mice, all of which were manufactured and marketed by the previous owners of Mad Catz, Interactive Inc.

Downloading of this software is at the gamers’ own risk. We’re posting the software due to overwhelming demand, but please note we cannot be responsible for support or any issues which may arise from downloading, installing or using this software. We accept no liability for any issues the software may present and regret that we are unable to offer support for older Mad Catz products which we were not responsible for manufacturing or distributing.

We hope this will help some of the many Mad Catz fans who are looking for support on their product. Thank you for your continued support.


Mad Catz Global Management

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