SOULCALIBUR V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition
xbox 360 PlayStation 3

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S.

Here comes a new challenger! Get ready for the next battle when the two biggest fighting games clash head-to-head in Street Fighter X Tekken!

Created to appeal to the serious fighting game enthusiast, nothing brings the arcade experience closer to home than the Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. Approved by both Capcom and Namco Bandai, and embellished with exclusive game artwork, the FightStick V.S. is an all-new design which uses arcade-quality components from legendary Japanese arcade manufacturer, Sanwa Denshi. Featuring a Japanese-style ball-handled joystick and 30mm action buttons placed to match the Vewlix arcade cabinet configuration, arcade gamers will feel right at home.

The Ultimate 2-Player Showdown

Exclusive to V.S. edition Arcade FightSticks, you can connect two to each other and experience the thrill of side-by-side gameplay. Armed with only a Connector Kit (sold separately), link to Connector Kit

Arcade FightStick PRO
Arcade FightStick PRO

Authentic Japanese-style Joystick & Buttons

The competition-ready Arcade FightStick V.S. uses high-quality Sanwa parts, the very same parts that are found in Japanese arcade cabinets. The Sanwa JLF is the standard in high-quality, tournament-grade FightSticks.

Premium-Quality Components with Genuine Arcade Layout

The eight-button Vewlix-style layout offers a classic and ergonomic Japanese-styled feel, while providing full access to an arsenal of moves. The Sanwa OBSF-30 action buttons respond with pinpoint accuracy and can withstand repeated use.

8-Button Layout with Additional Multi-Speed Turbo Functionality

Eight Sanwa action buttons ensure that every attack, shot, and combo is easily accessible. Multi-speed Turbo functionality gives two distinct turbo speeds that can be mapped to any one of the action buttons on the Arcade FightStick V.S., and these Turbo settings can be monitored on the control panel and disabled for tournament play.

Controller Lock/Unlock Switch

A lock switch on the control panel provides the ability to lock out the use of Turbo functionality and prevents use of the Xbox Guide or PS button. No more accidental interruptions or automatic forfeitures in key moments during tournament matches!

3-Way Joystick Switch

The three-way switch gives added functionality for navigating in-game menus and playing games from other genres, including downloadable titles on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. Easily switch between functionality for the left analog stick, right analog stick, or the default D-Pad setting.

Arcade FightStick PRO
Arcade FightStick PRO

13ft Cable with Internal Cable Storage

A 13-foot-long controller cable ensures maximum comfort no matter what your gaming setup is! Stash the cable in the internal storage compartment to keep your gaming weapon sleek and ready for travel.

Connects to the Console via Lag-free USB

Proven in and out of tournament play at the highest levels, the best players from around the globe prefer a high-quality wired USB connection over wireless controllers. From World Champion, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara of Team Mad Catz, to many of the top eight players from the EVOLUTION world finals, the Arcade FightStick V.S. is the obvious choice for casual and competitive gamers alike.

Heavy Metal Base

This is no cheap plastic toy; the durable metal base increases the heft of the Arcade FightStick V.S. for a solid, secure feel when draining your foe’s life bar. Easily unscrew the rubber feet to securely mount to a table or other solid surface.